Installing Grammarly for Firefox

For those who want to save time and use Grammarly while writing online on on any website, Grammarly extension for web browsers is a great choice .
I think it will be very very useful for the bloggers and website admins and even for those who are chatting.
How to install it in only two clicks .

let's install i for Firefox as it is the web browser that i use :
Go to that link
You are gonna be taken to this page 

Click "Add to Firefox" 

Click "Add"

And that is it .. 

now you can choose the free account or premium account
I'm gonna choose the free acount("Continue to Grammarly . It's free")
you shall see the logo of Grammarly on the Web that.

Click on it 

Choose "Yes, start writing"
Watch this video 

We will see in other posts how to use it .